Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I was watching the news the other day, when I ran across the story of the Asaina flight that crashed, and the news station that wrongfully reported the insensitive (albeit quite funny) names of the pilots. And I couldn't help but start thinking.   This isn't the first time that a news station has jumped the gun on a story, only to have given out wrong information.  News companies are competing with one another, and in doing so, there is an enormous amount of stress and pressure on being the first, or the most accurate, or the best. And every journalist dreams of being the best, and the fastest, and the most accurate.  It's what they do, after all, they keep the masses informed.

So, one would think with everyone having the same dream, they'd cooperate and share info and work in unison.  But journalism is field of study, and is as cut-throat as any other.  Reporters snagging scoops and looking for angles unexplored, and other papers and sources quick to point out the flaws and short-comings of other respective journalists. 

Not so different from the paranormal community, when you think about it. Every group starts for the same reason...a love, or at least a curiosity for the paranormal.  And somewhere along the line, we all decide to strive to help people in need, educate people, or go all out for the book writing and radio shows and television shows and public appearances.  But in any of the three cases, there's always the paranormal.

And yet, we're as cut-throat as any field.  Maybe it's because we DONT get paid for it, maybe it's a pride thing, maybe it's that we strive to be the best, the most versatile, the most dedicated, the most organized, the most professional team out there. Maybe it's because we try so hardto have the most equipment, or the best website, or the newest toys, or matching tee-shirts.  But in the end, it consumes us.  A field filled with egos creating barriers and walls, building an imaginary fort of followers on face book and fans and hoarding locations and information and equipment and evidence all in the name of science that only a few of us advance, most of us practice, and very few of us understand.  

But there is always conflict.  Just as the NTSC intern trolled the news station (Like a boss, no less!)   there will always be groups faking evidence. Just as some journalists will say anything on the teleprompter (Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrel, "Anchorman") comes to mind lol) investigators will be simply copying what they see on TV, and as long as news casters are trying to be the first to land a scoop, there will be other teams there to refute your evidence as they try to provide their own.

But this is also WHY we try so hard to refute evidence.  Because when the first team DOES have the first, conclusive, holy grail of all evidence that cannot be denied, we, as a community, want to be sure it's legitimate and stands as a testament to the entire communities efforts. 

But until there is journalism-unity, there will never be a complete para unity.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Antagonizing and why it works

Many ghost hunters and would be investigators out there use antagonizing as a method to generate results during an investigation, and while the claim for ethics is always up in the air, it leads one to wonder why, if at all, would such a thing even work?

Ghosts and spirits, in this world, could be best described as negative energy beings.  That is, they are not a positively charged ion, such as humans, plants, animals, etc.  They exist on a different spectrum, a different layer of energy that we do.  But while they cannot harm us, and we likewise cannot assault them, our voices and actions do seem to cross these two worlds, these two planes of existence.  This is, in simple terms, because words CAN hurt.  And they do.  Anyone who has ever been called a name or been the victim of a bad joke knows that words hurt just as bad as sticks and stones. 

We already know that sound, is energy.  Just like light.  This is why we are able to see and hear ghosts yet.  This is why ghosts are able to see and hear us.  To us, they often look like shadows, or even distortions of their former life.  To them, we must seem as bright, vibrant, solid beings.

But why then, would we antagonize them?  Why assume this would work?  Well...take Emoto's Water experiments in this case.

While this study has surely been done more than a few ways and a few times, the point is:  spiritually, we are an energy, and it is the intention that we put out, consciously, that shapes and directs our consciousness reality.  When people are depressed, they can use Reiki, EFT, or hypnosis to often counter those effects.  These are skills of light workers (unless you want to count hypnosis as science and psychology), and often are directed with GOOD intentions.  And as such, they affect people, or positively charged entities, in a positive way.  We recharge, through the sun, through the love around us, and we become better and stronger for it.
Now, if that's true, then a ghost, being of negative energy, would surely become stronger through negative intention.  This is why some investigators believe they must investigate in the dark.  And this is why antagonizing works.  By directing negative energy at a negative entity, it's reaction growls closer to the median, the veil between our worlds, and the reaction is stronger, and louder.   Thus why we are more likely to intercept and record these events. 

Once again, I'm not petitioning for, or against these methods.  Personally, I don't use them unless the client needs to feel they have to prove something.  I've generally caught more flies with honey than vinegar.  And when you factor in Karma, you can assume it's not going to turn out well for anyone in the end.  But ethics aside, it's still important to note as a tool when looking at the overall picture of the physics that transcends both our world, and the one beyond it. 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

A new beginning

I have spent the last 15+ years looking into the paranormal, and have had the wonderful opportunity to get into some of the greatest and most renowned locations, and have had the pleasure of being allowed into the homes of many individuals having questions and needing answers.  It has been a labor of love, not one I have done for fame, or money, but as interest and science. 

I always knew these things, these apparitions, experiences, disembodied voices, etc. existed.  I knew, because I had seen them.  I have seen and felt these things, and there was nothing that could convince me otherwise, but my questions were not the "if" but the "how" and "why".  I let me love of science carry me down a dangerous line of psychology and psychics, of science and physics, of religion and occult.  And I have always striven to find a balance and consistency in a world whose only rule is based on change.    And for years, I had done just that.  And i have no regrets.  The paranormal is STILL, and always WILL BE, my main focus and primary interest. 

Over the last few years, my group underwent a huge change, and my new members could not have left me more proud of my accomplishments.  Seeing how far they have come, in such a short time, and under my hard-ass tutelage and rules, leaves me with a satisfaction knowing that, when they strike out on their own, my legacy will carry on.

And that time has come.  Now, before all my opponents do a victory dance and my fans begin to picket my home with pitchforks and torches, I am NOT giving up on the paranormal, and KMPI, in a sense, still exists.  But in terms of having my own group, I have had to take the back seat.  My wife's recent medical condition and my children, now growing, have left me spread too thin, with baseball and PTA and homework and girl scouts and religious classes and soon, most likely karate and god knows what else, plus the many different boards, committees, and other events and teams I am on, have left me spread too thin and have taken too much of my time for me to put my all into KMPI.  For this reason, Jim and Deb have begun their own group, "Paradigm Shift Paranormal Investigations" (find them on FaceBook and blogs, I'll post links when I find them).  Jim and Deb have a love for the paranormal that, honestly, is so big it can't hardly be contained in my little group, and I felt it was time they set out on their own anyhow, if nothing else, so that can shape their own group into what it should be.  My group always as just that, KMPI. And Jim and Deb have proven that they are bigger than my ideals and I feel they have much more to offer with my busy personal life not holding them back  ;)

I give them my full blessing going forward, knowing they have the resources, and determination, and heart that makes a paranormal team what it should be, and I will be forwarding my work to them as I get it in. 

Of course, my love is still the paranormal and I will continue my studies and research alone, helping out the groups I network with as requested as I help Jim and Deb along in their own venture.  KMPI is still my baby which is why I haven't let the domain expire, and the website may or may not come back, but in the meanwhile, I can rest easier at night knowing that the seeds I planted years ago have finally taken root and have branched out into their own. 

And for that, and the friendships KMPI has brought me, I truly am grateful and can say that this is not the end, but simply, a new beginning for old friends.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

got me thinking today!

Been while since I posted, sorry about that!  I got busy, and have barely been online!

A friend of mine from another group asked me today, what I thought of paranormal groups that use "provoking"?  And the honest answer, is, I'm okay with it! Now, before you get all up in arms, let's examine the word itself:

Websters defines it as such, as seen above in the link:
1)  Call forth (emotions, feelings, and responses)
2)  Evoke or provoke to appear or occur
3)  Provide the needed stimulus for
4)  To call forth; to call into being or action; esp., to incense to action, a faculty or passion, as love, hate, or ambition
and finally:
8)  To appeal. [A Latinism]

Putting aside the negative attributes of the word, I can't really say any group DOESN'T technically provoke.  We provoke when we walk in the door.  We provoke, when we engage in conversation with a possible ghost or spirit.   And we provoke when we leave out a ball for someone to play with, or flowers on a grave, or play music or do art or even think of someone who's past...the very memory of them calls forth their memories within us.   Everything we do as paranormal investigators, "provokes" in a sense.  The flashlight trick commonly seen now on TV, asking "could you touch this antenna on my MEL meter?" is all provoking when you think about it.

You can't get honey from a tree without disturbing the hive inside, for example.  And no one can reasonably expect to catch a fish, where there is no water.  By simply engaging in the exchanges we do, as investigators, we are provoking a memory, an emotion, a soul, and reaching out to it. 

Do I believe it's okay to taunt, or curse at, or belittle a ghost or spirit just for a decent K2 hit or a solid EVP?  Absolutely not.   But finding that trigger that lights the fire and re-awakens them sort of provoking?  yes, I do.   But it's sad since many groups out there associate the word with only the negative connotations of the word, and often take provoking to mean you have to incite rage or anger.  And this isn't always true. 

As a whole, I think the community could look at HOW it does what it does, maybe re-evaluate some of what it sees on television, and try to look at things from a more spiritual perspective sometimes.  Not that many groups do not...but you know what they catch more flies with honey...but to do that...into the beehive you go! ;)


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Story of Jay Road and Investigating Legends

Imagine my surprise when I found out that the area that I had grown up in and my family has lived in for generations (and my husband and I own land in that we hope to build on) was also home to a ghostly legend. I had never heard about this legend until I found it online one day, years ago. I was on the Shadowlands website and found my tiny little unincorporated hometown was listed - Boltonville. Specifically the area of Jay Road outside of Boltonville. Soon after, the legend was also featured in a book about all of the weird things that exist in Wisconsin.

So what's the legend? It says there was an old woman who lived alone with her cats until she perished in a fire started by troublemaking kids. Now her ghost haunts the road and her cats' descendants roam the area. Really? Not only had I never heard of this ghost story before finding it online, I also had never heard of this fabled woman and her burning house. I will say there are a lot of cats in and around Boltonville. But it's because a lot of people have unaltered outside/barn cats and they roam, littering the area with their offspring. Nothing paranormal about cats doing what nature intended them to do.

The other part of the legend involves a woman jogger who was supposedly killed by a car and she now haunts the road as well. I never heard of this before either and believe me when I say in our tiny, TINY town we would remember stories like this.

Another claim is that the road has parts that are dark even on the sunniest days. Yeah...there's something that gives off shadows like that. Ever heard of trees? There's many parts of the road that have trees growing together above the road. It's almost like driving through a tunnel. Unless someone cuts down those trees, it will ALWAYS be dark there. Again, nothing paranormal about it.

I decided to dig further into these stories. I thought, perhaps I just don't remember hearing any of these stories because they were before my time. So I asked my older relation. Again, my family has lived in the area for generations. I have the family tree on to prove it. We're all very familiar with Jay Road, or Seven Bridges Road as many of us still call it. My family used to take the road to Lake Michigan. You used to be able to literally drive the road straight to the lake (there is now a private subdivision of houses there, so it no longer goes straight up to the lake). My mom is very familiar with the road after the night she took the family car out on it (even though her father specifically told her to avoid the road because of the rainwater going over the road near the bridges) and got stranded in the stalled car in the middle of a huge puddle (that really was almost a pond!).

Anyways, I ask my family. Not a one of them has heard of any of the claims. One would think that a ghostly legend that has enough notoriety to be featured in a paranormal book would garner enough local attention that every kid would grow up fearing the area that it was set in. This was not the case, though. Finding nothing of interest, I figured it was something that someone made up and posted on Shadowlands to be funny or something. I sort of forgot about the legend and time went on.

Now there's a new rash of Legend Trippers going to the area and posting their antics on YouTube. I was just there this weekend for the local firemen's picnic and brought up the topic again. This time I asked other people as well, not just my family. Again, everyone looked at me like I was crazy. They had never heard of any of it. Even a man who is very interested in history and also has had family in the area for generations had never heard of the legend or of deaths in the area like that.

Which leads us to - are these stories true? I highly doubt there is any truth to them at this time. If anyone has factual evidence (like newspaper clippings that show stories about the two deaths), I would love to see them. Perhaps there is some dark side of Jay Road that even the locals are oblivious to.

How do we as paranormal investigators know if a story is true or not? Well the obvious first place to start is with the facts. We need to find evidence to back up the claims. There is something else that most myths/legends have in common, though. If you spot this in a legend, it would be wise to approach the claim with more doubt than belief. Many state something that would be impossible for someone to know. Have you ever heard something that ended like this: "...and then the man saw a [insert scary monster or ghost here] and heard a [insert ghostly sound here] and was never heard from again."? If the man was never heard from again, please tell me how everyone knew his story? How did everyone find out what he saw and heard right before he died/disappeared? The Jay Road legend is similar. It states that the old woman was "heartbroken and angry" so she chose to stay in the house after the kids started it on fire and perished. If she lived alone like the legend says, who was told by her that she was heartbroken and angry so she chose to die in the fire? If you spot a story like this, I suggest proceeding with caution before you start believing it.

I think one of our responsibilities as paranormal investigators is to help people understand how legends are formed and show them what to look for before they believe something without checking into it. I'll admit I question the ethics of groups who spread ghost stories without checking into the claims. It's one thing to have fun talking about ghost stories but it's another to spread the stories as believable events without anything to back them up.

Unless I am presented with some hardcore evidence, I'm not going to believe that Jay Road is haunted and I shake my head in disbelief by how many groups of Legend Trippers head out there thinking they will catch something. My one request if people feel they MUST continue to do this - please be respectful. Don't take video of peoples' personal homes and post it on YouTube, talking about how it's all haunted. Don't horse around on the road, endangering your life and the lives of those around you. And remember that many people, like me, will question your methods if you believe a place is haunted just because someone posted it on the internet even though there is nothing to back up the claims.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

A game changer for all of us

This is a topic I've put off for awhile, because it's sort of a sensitive topic...Legend Tripping.  Long story short, Legend Tripping is the adolescents' version of Paranormal Investigating.  You don't actually investigate pile in a car, drive somewhere someone else has already been, freak out, take a few pictures, and go home.  It's what sophomores do for fun in high school...heck I did it too when I was 16 and got my car!  But now there are groups that do this, seemingly full time, and it's caused a bit of an upset in the field.

It used to be places, homes, businesses, were actually HAPPY to have us come in. They called us, begged us to come, and were grateful for our help.  We were providing a service to people.  But then, the legend trippers came out in full force.  Blame the media, blame society, blame the fact that gas prices finally leveled off a bit, but in the end, it all came down to the trippers.  Because they were so numerous, and came and went so quickly, businesses came to see it as an opportunity, and began to charge people just to walk into a doorway at night.  

I remember doing some big places in my time...the Oshkosh Theater (The Grand), JFK Prep, and the historical societies of many cities (just to name a few), and I did it all for free.  On my own dime.  Everything - the tee-shirts, the equipment, the cases, the tapes and batteries, the evidence review and the car...everything.  And it's a costly sum, too.  We currently own thousands of dollars of equipment, and have invested hundreds in apparel and accessories.  This isn't just a group of juveniles hyped up on Red Bull in their moms' car...this is a TEAM that actually tries to HELP people, free of charge.  And now, you can't hardly go to a place without them asking "What's in it for me?" or "You need to pay the $50+ fee up front".  And the fees have been as low as $10-$20, and as high as in the hundreds.  And all this time, we've been asking for nothing and are now being charged for our charity?  That would be like having a Good Samaritan stop, pull you from your burning car, and you sending them a bill for your hospital expenses later.  Insanity, they call that.

From the business perspective, I get it.  I really do.  Letting groups come in all the time is a liability, and that costs money insurance wise.  But it's the number of legend trippers that have caused this upsurge of places charging to come in.  Back when we got started in early 2003, I could count the groups in this state on one hand.  Now, I swear to God if I went to a bar tomorrow and exclaimed that I heard some county park is haunted, there's 20 groups canvasing the area before the weekend is over.  You can't hardly throw a rock before some teenager squeals "What was that!?" and makes a fly-by-night group.  And more than them, even, it's the dissension of groups - splitting up and re-forming, making new groups, and thinking they have rights to lay stake to some kind of claim of property just because they were "from the area" or "it's in their town".  There's just too many, like a city full of McDonald's restaurants.  No place to fill up in gas, no place to cash a check, just burgers and fries everywhere.  Eventually prices will go up, people stop buying and move on, leaving a ghost town in their wake. 

There are many good groups out there, and some have been around a long, long time.  But there are a lot of groups out there who are doing this for "fun" and not for its intended purpose.  And those groups are dangerous, because they litter graveyards with vandals and they fill properties at night with trespassers, and roadways in the countryside with thrill seekers.

And it is these thrill seekers that have caused so many places to charge, since they all assume that's what every group is now.  I mean, you can't blame them, they must run across 10 thrill seeker groups for every one decent group out there, how are they to know the difference?  They collect the money and walk away!

KMPI is not a group of thrill seekers.  We're a group of people, a team of people, furthering the science and providing much-needed peace of mind to regular folks.  We're volunteers, and advocates for the community, and we're educating those who have an interest and a few who just have a few questions or concerns.  We are, what we are.  But we're not a bunch of thrill seekers looking to bum around on a Friday night all giddy and hyped up after the latest episode of  Ghost Adventures.  We're real people, with families and jobs, and we're making a difference.

Something should be done, though...a registry of sorts, maybe?  Something to differentiate the actual groups from the thrill seekers.  Because unless something gets done soon, the legend trippers and thrill seekers will have ruined the credibility of actual groups everywhere, and turn the whole thing into one big joke.  

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Updates and reflections and new members, oh my!

Firstly, I'd like to begin this blog by welcoming new member and investigator-in-training Lauralye! She contacted us awhile back, but at the time I wasn't sure I was looking to add another member, not to mention that I was in the middle of the big Campbellsport Inn project! But I talked it over with the group, and we agreed, not everyone can always make it to every investigation, which is totally understandable and so we brought her on as our guest when we did the Berlin Tannery On Friday the 13th, and she did very well for her first time. She's got the heart for it, and that's what's really important. Heart, and intent. I hire the heart, and I can always train the rest into them! ;)

That being said, we just wrapped up our first busy four months of the year with the investigations in Baraboo, three times to Berlin, Campbellsport, the assist in Hartford, and Saukville. We're now going to be headed next to a location that's huge, but sadly we cannot disclose the location publicly due to previous problems the owners had with another group. Once it's done, however, we'll be sure we get the info out as soon as we are legally able! It IS in wisconsin, however! ;) We have another residence pending in the Milwaukee area as well.

In the meanwhile, KMPI added a few new cameras to the mix, thanks to Jim and Deb, and we updated some of our older equipment this year. Hooray for upgrades! The site went under a renovation, and we restarted the message boards and began the C.A.S.P.E.R. program, which so far has done nothing but good for the community as a whole, and has brought the paranormal closer to being accepted by the mainstream public thru our services and volunteer efforts. Helps us to get out in the daylight, and show people that we're not all scary looking people, rummaging thru closets in the dark or trespassing on private property in the middle of the night in some obscure sense of legend tripping. KMPI has always held itself to a standard of integrity and has operated on the premise of helping people, and our C.A.S.P.E.R. program has finally given that dream a form. It's still getting a slow start, but when you look at everything else we've done in 3 and a half months, it's really quite a lot considering that Sarah, our web programmer and co-founder, is also in college, working, and a full-time mother! Probably one of the most amazing women I know!

Up for May, besides the big investigation, is a second meeting (the first big meeting) for the 2012 Phantoms of Fond du Lac. This year is shaping up to be huge, and planning began as early as December last year on my end! We've got new buildings to open, a new route, and a new theme to work with. A lot of work, but it all goes for multiple good causes, and we're proud to be a part of it all. Sometime in May or June, a team photo!

Beyond May, we're working on finding and setting up our next investigations, as well as 3 (THREE) separate public events, and three presentations on top of those! All between May and August! Needless to say, we're pretty busy for the year, but I'm grateful for it, it shows that our name and reputation alone has carried us in a time when many groups have disappeared as quickly as they popped up.

All the new members of KMPI have proven themselves to be a vital part of KMPI and it's goals, and I am grateful for the all the mental, physical, and spiritual support I have gotten this year. KMPI is stronger now, and larger now, than ever before, and I really owe it to my team. The active participation online has allowed us to negate the need for monthly meetings and sav an enormous amount of travel time and meeting set ups. I know it isn't easy for us all to get in the same place at the same time, and that's why we did end up expanding the group, so that we didn't have to worry about short-handedness! Nothing worse than when a member gets sick the day of an investigation, and you are without a sub! But I really cannot stress how grateful I feel for you all to have found our way to us...I guess the time was just right for a change!