Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I was watching the news the other day, when I ran across the story of the Asaina flight that crashed, and the news station that wrongfully reported the insensitive (albeit quite funny) names of the pilots. And I couldn't help but start thinking.   This isn't the first time that a news station has jumped the gun on a story, only to have given out wrong information.  News companies are competing with one another, and in doing so, there is an enormous amount of stress and pressure on being the first, or the most accurate, or the best. And every journalist dreams of being the best, and the fastest, and the most accurate.  It's what they do, after all, they keep the masses informed.

So, one would think with everyone having the same dream, they'd cooperate and share info and work in unison.  But journalism is field of study, and is as cut-throat as any other.  Reporters snagging scoops and looking for angles unexplored, and other papers and sources quick to point out the flaws and short-comings of other respective journalists. 

Not so different from the paranormal community, when you think about it. Every group starts for the same reason...a love, or at least a curiosity for the paranormal.  And somewhere along the line, we all decide to strive to help people in need, educate people, or go all out for the book writing and radio shows and television shows and public appearances.  But in any of the three cases, there's always the paranormal.

And yet, we're as cut-throat as any field.  Maybe it's because we DONT get paid for it, maybe it's a pride thing, maybe it's that we strive to be the best, the most versatile, the most dedicated, the most organized, the most professional team out there. Maybe it's because we try so hardto have the most equipment, or the best website, or the newest toys, or matching tee-shirts.  But in the end, it consumes us.  A field filled with egos creating barriers and walls, building an imaginary fort of followers on face book and fans and hoarding locations and information and equipment and evidence all in the name of science that only a few of us advance, most of us practice, and very few of us understand.  

But there is always conflict.  Just as the NTSC intern trolled the news station (Like a boss, no less!)   there will always be groups faking evidence. Just as some journalists will say anything on the teleprompter (Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrel, "Anchorman") comes to mind lol) investigators will be simply copying what they see on TV, and as long as news casters are trying to be the first to land a scoop, there will be other teams there to refute your evidence as they try to provide their own.

But this is also WHY we try so hard to refute evidence.  Because when the first team DOES have the first, conclusive, holy grail of all evidence that cannot be denied, we, as a community, want to be sure it's legitimate and stands as a testament to the entire communities efforts. 

But until there is journalism-unity, there will never be a complete para unity.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Antagonizing and why it works

Many ghost hunters and would be investigators out there use antagonizing as a method to generate results during an investigation, and while the claim for ethics is always up in the air, it leads one to wonder why, if at all, would such a thing even work?

Ghosts and spirits, in this world, could be best described as negative energy beings.  That is, they are not a positively charged ion, such as humans, plants, animals, etc.  They exist on a different spectrum, a different layer of energy that we do.  But while they cannot harm us, and we likewise cannot assault them, our voices and actions do seem to cross these two worlds, these two planes of existence.  This is, in simple terms, because words CAN hurt.  And they do.  Anyone who has ever been called a name or been the victim of a bad joke knows that words hurt just as bad as sticks and stones. 

We already know that sound, is energy.  Just like light.  This is why we are able to see and hear ghosts yet.  This is why ghosts are able to see and hear us.  To us, they often look like shadows, or even distortions of their former life.  To them, we must seem as bright, vibrant, solid beings.

But why then, would we antagonize them?  Why assume this would work?  Well...take Emoto's Water experiments in this case.

While this study has surely been done more than a few ways and a few times, the point is:  spiritually, we are an energy, and it is the intention that we put out, consciously, that shapes and directs our consciousness reality.  When people are depressed, they can use Reiki, EFT, or hypnosis to often counter those effects.  These are skills of light workers (unless you want to count hypnosis as science and psychology), and often are directed with GOOD intentions.  And as such, they affect people, or positively charged entities, in a positive way.  We recharge, through the sun, through the love around us, and we become better and stronger for it.
Now, if that's true, then a ghost, being of negative energy, would surely become stronger through negative intention.  This is why some investigators believe they must investigate in the dark.  And this is why antagonizing works.  By directing negative energy at a negative entity, it's reaction growls closer to the median, the veil between our worlds, and the reaction is stronger, and louder.   Thus why we are more likely to intercept and record these events. 

Once again, I'm not petitioning for, or against these methods.  Personally, I don't use them unless the client needs to feel they have to prove something.  I've generally caught more flies with honey than vinegar.  And when you factor in Karma, you can assume it's not going to turn out well for anyone in the end.  But ethics aside, it's still important to note as a tool when looking at the overall picture of the physics that transcends both our world, and the one beyond it. 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

A new beginning

I have spent the last 15+ years looking into the paranormal, and have had the wonderful opportunity to get into some of the greatest and most renowned locations, and have had the pleasure of being allowed into the homes of many individuals having questions and needing answers.  It has been a labor of love, not one I have done for fame, or money, but as interest and science. 

I always knew these things, these apparitions, experiences, disembodied voices, etc. existed.  I knew, because I had seen them.  I have seen and felt these things, and there was nothing that could convince me otherwise, but my questions were not the "if" but the "how" and "why".  I let me love of science carry me down a dangerous line of psychology and psychics, of science and physics, of religion and occult.  And I have always striven to find a balance and consistency in a world whose only rule is based on change.    And for years, I had done just that.  And i have no regrets.  The paranormal is STILL, and always WILL BE, my main focus and primary interest. 

Over the last few years, my group underwent a huge change, and my new members could not have left me more proud of my accomplishments.  Seeing how far they have come, in such a short time, and under my hard-ass tutelage and rules, leaves me with a satisfaction knowing that, when they strike out on their own, my legacy will carry on.

And that time has come.  Now, before all my opponents do a victory dance and my fans begin to picket my home with pitchforks and torches, I am NOT giving up on the paranormal, and KMPI, in a sense, still exists.  But in terms of having my own group, I have had to take the back seat.  My wife's recent medical condition and my children, now growing, have left me spread too thin, with baseball and PTA and homework and girl scouts and religious classes and soon, most likely karate and god knows what else, plus the many different boards, committees, and other events and teams I am on, have left me spread too thin and have taken too much of my time for me to put my all into KMPI.  For this reason, Jim and Deb have begun their own group, "Paradigm Shift Paranormal Investigations" (find them on FaceBook and blogs, I'll post links when I find them).  Jim and Deb have a love for the paranormal that, honestly, is so big it can't hardly be contained in my little group, and I felt it was time they set out on their own anyhow, if nothing else, so that can shape their own group into what it should be.  My group always as just that, KMPI. And Jim and Deb have proven that they are bigger than my ideals and I feel they have much more to offer with my busy personal life not holding them back  ;)

I give them my full blessing going forward, knowing they have the resources, and determination, and heart that makes a paranormal team what it should be, and I will be forwarding my work to them as I get it in. 

Of course, my love is still the paranormal and I will continue my studies and research alone, helping out the groups I network with as requested as I help Jim and Deb along in their own venture.  KMPI is still my baby which is why I haven't let the domain expire, and the website may or may not come back, but in the meanwhile, I can rest easier at night knowing that the seeds I planted years ago have finally taken root and have branched out into their own. 

And for that, and the friendships KMPI has brought me, I truly am grateful and can say that this is not the end, but simply, a new beginning for old friends.