Sunday, May 9, 2010

Red Granite

This blog update is going to serve as a basic run down of info for the red granite locations results, as it will for many of our investigations.

Our first investigation started back mid-summer last year, we went to this home knowing only objects were moved and footsteps heard, not much else. The home was about 100 years old, with only one possible case of death on site, but the basement is basically a large hole carved in granite. Granite is an igneous rock, one known to hold minute charges of energy, as well as hold radiation for extended periods of time. This would cause any high-levels of EMFs to remain long after the source is extinguished, and thus, prolong the effects it could have on the biology of the people living on it. The families heat, their water, their electricity, all comes thru the basement walls, and into their home. The home sits mere metres from a granite excavation site.

This families claims were unlike any others we have had. While many have reported apparitions, or voices...this was solely movement, a few noises (footsteps, mimicing crashing or popping sounds, and grunting). True PK activity related to, and only to, poltergeist-like hauntings, are extraordinarly rare and so I was happy to try to catch this activity on tape, or at least find a logical explaination for it!

The first visit was conducted as normal, we had a new DVR system with NO monitor due to a defunct cord, so we had to aim the cameras by sight and pray. it actually turned out quite well! High EMFs were located in all the usual suspect spots, no other jumps in abnormal activity were noted. EVP sessions came out clean, except for a few questionable items, and thermal scans showed the temps to be also as expected. colder in the basement, warmer upstairs, cooler by the windows.
The weather was stormy/windy/raining.

Upon our return visit, there were a few items I wanted to re-evaluate and a new technique or two I wanted to try out. Nothing came out of it, and we were unable to do much, due to the homeowners being present and having a party downstairs at the time.

After reviewing the data, I honestly think that much of what the homeowners experience is natural things. Boomboxes that start themselves were noted to be wired by hand, and often ungrounded. A RC car that "was not charged" was found to have a good chunk of battery power left, powered up fine for us, and the door lock....well...teenagers...heh. Boys will be boys.

I believe the pets may play a part in the TVs turning on and off, and the volume going up and down. I noted the pets up and down off the furniture and up and down the steps and basement several times both nights.

I also believe the "steps" or "thumping" heard to be the tail on the bearded dragon as it beats on the glass of the aquarium. I noted this several times the second night on the camera.

All in all, a sad end to a promising investigation, but hopefully the owners can sleep better at night!

I'm back...

I've been tossing around the idea of writing this for awhile now...just tough to formulate things into words.
I worry constantly about my group, and overall, I admit the toll it's taken on my health is sometimes questionable. The hours I put into it, the money I spend on it I probably could, or should, spend on better medicine for myself, or meat for the freezer, or better brands of dog food...I guess I kinda put myself out there, totally, in everything I do. The paranormal has been no different.
But my worry for my group, is I wonder sometimes if we're doing enough...if maybe I should just put more effort into it. I worry about this, every spring, when the slow season hits...idle hands are the devil's playground, and my shoulders are burdened enough without the worry of doubt, you know? But KMPI has always stood for helping people. And that's what we do. We help. I haven't had contact with many other groups lately that have been out for anything other than self-indulgence. Constant "territories" and "allegiances" being formed, I fear sometimes we're going to be left behind in this movement...but remaining small has allowed us to make big moves under the radar of others. So also, growing bigger worries me a bit too!

The activities of other groups does not go unnoticed to me, part of the many hours I remain awake on end, sometimes sleeping only 2 hours a night. KMPI has been planning so much, and so many things come up, and so much falls through, it's difficult to keep up sometimes.

But my big issue is I take much of this on alone...and I shouldn't, I know, but I do. I've always been that way. My family life was different from my wife's, and I am very much alone in this world, even when I am surrounded by my friends, my family, and my fellow KMPI-ers. I'm not anti-social, I'm just introverted, I guess, to a degree, and many people don't know half of what goes on in my head.

I have, at the gentle nudges of my team, decided to become a better leader. And to do that,I am, in part, opening an arrow-slit of a window into my soul in this blog, that my group and others my see me as I am. I'm going to be a better leader by getting on top of things, by keeping my team in order, by staying on top of and ahead of the game on technology and information. But more than that...I am going to become a better leader by allowing my team to be a team...not a group of individuals working in unison...I want us to come together as a mini-family of sorts, I want one hand to know where the other is, and what it's going to do before he or she knows it. I am going to be a better leader by letting go of my damned pride, and by hopefully not trying to take on the world by myself! And hopefully, you'll all forgive me if you think I didn't believe in each and every one of you, because I do. And I want you to believe in you also...and someday...maybe learn to believe in me a little too! ;)

These last few years have been tough for me, I've made many changed in my life and the transitions have been less than pleasant internally...but as I gear into what I love, and whats important to me, I want to become more structured, less cluttered, both internally and externally...and I intend to dedicate myself to the paranormal, instead of dedicating the paranormal to me.
So many people have questions, concerns, experiences. I want to be the difference in peoples lives once again. I don't want my group to be "just another group" I want to stand out, and I want to do it, if possible, without the cut-throat tactics, the conspiring, and the showmanship that has gone on for so long. I owe every ounce of integrity that I have left to my family, and my team. I have assumed the leadership of this team, and with your help, I wont let you down.
So line up ya'll....I'm gonna need a good kick in the rear end to get me going!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Hello from another KMPI member

I'm honored to be asked to contribute to the official blog for KMPI. My name is Kellie and I've been with KMPI since 2006. I love this group, the co-founders Mike and Sarah have become dear friends to me as well as Scott and "Little" Mike. We're like a family. We've expanded to include a new member whom I just met the other night, her name is Tanya. She comes to us from my hometown, Milwaukee.

We recently (a few nights ago) had an investigation in Red granite, WI. This was the second time we had been to this location. The first time we went, a few members got EVP's that were unexplainable and we talked about going back, then the group received emails from the home owners that more activity was going on. So a second investigation was decided.

In going back we really wanted to make sure that we got a really good and thorough investigation in because there were unanswered things from the last time and A LOT of new happenings going on this time. All of the evidence hasn't been reviewed so I don't have a lot of things to post about it yet but all in all it went over OK. I was so excited because I've learned more about setting up the equipment and i think with a few more times I just may be able to do it by myself. Yay me. lol

Why go back a second time? I know that there are some that are one hit wonders. They go to a place, deem it haunted or not and are done with it. There are just times when the unanswered questions nag at you. This is what it's all about. A good investigator (in my mind at least) should be willing to help anyone understand and if it takes 50 times then it takes that. OK, that's a little extreme but you get my point. : )

Well I just to say hi, update what we're up to and hopefully get this blog going to be more active. There will be lots more especially once we get closer to Halloween and the haunted house we do.

hauntingly yours,


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Neglected, but not forgotten!

I forgot my wife started this! I promise not to forget it again.

So much to say, I worry about time and space and me rambeling off on some wild tangent.
Sarah's always been the push to get me into new things, and for that I am grateful. KMPI is made up of alot of members of our team, some of whom will be allowed to blog here ;)

Not much about me, I'm going to keep this to KMPI's story, but awhile back, I sorta lost me passion for it. 7 years or so, and we just kept heading into empty leads, dead ends, peering over tapes and hours of audo of nothing...and the one day, POOF I'm at work, and the words "Boesowetter" pop into my head. I had forgotten, but that was my grandmothers maiden name (on my step-fathers side) and little beknowest to me, but she had just died early that morning.
Interestingly enough, my cousin, one of her last visitors, she said to him "The guy here, he says "goodbye, sly guy Bri. He keeps saying that. Sly guy bri." Now, anyone who knows, knows that my grandpa called my cousin brian that, and no one called him that since grandpa died. While I have often heard (and SEEN) people come to visit someone shortly before their death (in fact, I encountered this in my friends grandfathers home...his wife was in the chair be his bedside when I arrived) my grandmotheres case was special, because her death, was accidental. She was in decent health, but that very same night, she slipped, even though she had two nurses aiding her, in the bathroom, and died as a result of head injury.
Now, one rule I have, is I never mix family and my studies of the paranormal. It scares me terribly, to be honest, but this one, this lit my fire. If our loved ones could SENSE that our time was upon us, they could come just before our death, sure...but if in fact, our fates are not our own...then was this timing some sort of intervention by a higher being? Was my grandmother fated to go that day, at that hour? Are we all fated to die before we are even born? Such questions are a heavy burden I carry around with me. I keep searching for answers, physical answers to spiritual occurances, and all I walk away with are the nightmares of the questions I never even thought I would ask?

But it also left me with a renewed sense of intrigue. I now want these answers more than ever...I want to not only prove that these things happen, I want to show the world...and more than that, I want to show the world HOW, and WHY they happen. I want to show people that it's ok to experience this stuff, that it doesnt make you a sinner, or sick, or mentally ill...that in many cases, it's not even paranormal....just...extra-normal!

In a few days, my team goes to revisit a location in Red Granite claiming to have one of the weirder cases I have had yet...instead of full-bodied or partial appatitions, instead of mists, or shadows, all they have in objects being moved, thrown, and manipulated. Last time, we conducted the investigation as normal, but this time, due to their claims of increased activity, I am going to attempt to record a new sort of phenomena...I am going to see if I can get something to manipulate something that responds to bio-electric and current-flowing energy...which, if it works, will show ghosts are not only real in a sense of being "real", but show they are "real" as in "physically stable elements of energy" in a way. Not that they'll need their own SSI card or driver liscense or be required to pay taxes or anything (I think I just heard the IRS sh*t a brick somewhere) but maybe give way to a bit of leinance twords the activities people experience.

Gonna be a tough one. I'll update within a week and we'll see how it goes. I hope to keep this going throught the year, and keep the world informed of KMPIs activities !

Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Year, New Blog

I figured having a central place to blog about KMPI happenings would help KMPI out. My husband can't update the website as frequently as needed, and sadly I don't have the time either. But blogging is quicker and easier. ;) So hopefully this can stay more current than the website is.

Onto news! KMPI was just featured in the January 20th issue of the West Bend Daily News. We will add the scanned article either into this blog or the website soon. The article was about the investigation recently held at the old jailhouse in Washington County with raffle winners. The raffle was held at the Halloween event that KMPI helps the Washington County Historical Society with. It should be noted that a few things were missing/lost in translation in the article. We'll post about that in another blog entry.

Second bit of news is KMPI is possibly expanding. We're looking at possibly having a Milwaukee area branch. Stay tuned to our site to see if this does go through and see the possible addition of new member(s)!

That's it for now! We live busy lives...KMPI is only a small part of them since it's totally non-profit. ;)