Sunday, May 9, 2010

Red Granite

This blog update is going to serve as a basic run down of info for the red granite locations results, as it will for many of our investigations.

Our first investigation started back mid-summer last year, we went to this home knowing only objects were moved and footsteps heard, not much else. The home was about 100 years old, with only one possible case of death on site, but the basement is basically a large hole carved in granite. Granite is an igneous rock, one known to hold minute charges of energy, as well as hold radiation for extended periods of time. This would cause any high-levels of EMFs to remain long after the source is extinguished, and thus, prolong the effects it could have on the biology of the people living on it. The families heat, their water, their electricity, all comes thru the basement walls, and into their home. The home sits mere metres from a granite excavation site.

This families claims were unlike any others we have had. While many have reported apparitions, or voices...this was solely movement, a few noises (footsteps, mimicing crashing or popping sounds, and grunting). True PK activity related to, and only to, poltergeist-like hauntings, are extraordinarly rare and so I was happy to try to catch this activity on tape, or at least find a logical explaination for it!

The first visit was conducted as normal, we had a new DVR system with NO monitor due to a defunct cord, so we had to aim the cameras by sight and pray. it actually turned out quite well! High EMFs were located in all the usual suspect spots, no other jumps in abnormal activity were noted. EVP sessions came out clean, except for a few questionable items, and thermal scans showed the temps to be also as expected. colder in the basement, warmer upstairs, cooler by the windows.
The weather was stormy/windy/raining.

Upon our return visit, there were a few items I wanted to re-evaluate and a new technique or two I wanted to try out. Nothing came out of it, and we were unable to do much, due to the homeowners being present and having a party downstairs at the time.

After reviewing the data, I honestly think that much of what the homeowners experience is natural things. Boomboxes that start themselves were noted to be wired by hand, and often ungrounded. A RC car that "was not charged" was found to have a good chunk of battery power left, powered up fine for us, and the door lock....well...teenagers...heh. Boys will be boys.

I believe the pets may play a part in the TVs turning on and off, and the volume going up and down. I noted the pets up and down off the furniture and up and down the steps and basement several times both nights.

I also believe the "steps" or "thumping" heard to be the tail on the bearded dragon as it beats on the glass of the aquarium. I noted this several times the second night on the camera.

All in all, a sad end to a promising investigation, but hopefully the owners can sleep better at night!

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