Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Year, New Blog

I figured having a central place to blog about KMPI happenings would help KMPI out. My husband can't update the website as frequently as needed, and sadly I don't have the time either. But blogging is quicker and easier. ;) So hopefully this can stay more current than the website is.

Onto news! KMPI was just featured in the January 20th issue of the West Bend Daily News. We will add the scanned article either into this blog or the website soon. The article was about the investigation recently held at the old jailhouse in Washington County with raffle winners. The raffle was held at the Halloween event that KMPI helps the Washington County Historical Society with. It should be noted that a few things were missing/lost in translation in the article. We'll post about that in another blog entry.

Second bit of news is KMPI is possibly expanding. We're looking at possibly having a Milwaukee area branch. Stay tuned to our site to see if this does go through and see the possible addition of new member(s)!

That's it for now! We live busy lives...KMPI is only a small part of them since it's totally non-profit. ;)

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