Sunday, August 14, 2011

Been a while...

So much going on! I barely know where to start! I don't blog as much as I should, I've been involved in so many projects as of late, I've hardly had time to check emails. I'm about 2 days behind I think!

As posted to the website, we have two new members, and Jack is returning as our history buff. The work Jack does takes a HUGE strain off my back, and I'm grateful for it. Jim and Deb, the two of them are a blessing and asset to the group. They're both a little new at ghost hunting, but they're proof that old dogs young at heart can STILL teach me a thing or two! ;)
Jims a little more proficient and up to date on technology, and it's where he shines. Deb seems to know her way around the spiritual side of things. They remind me of Sarah and I a lot!

So...big news. I consulted with Meadow Brook farms. Ricks putting on a good show, and with some solid advice and a little muscle from me, got things off to a good start! The haunted cornfield is going to be great this year, I highly recommend you check it out! For more info. Should turn out to be worth the money! One of the "houses" out there, I helped build by hand. Kind of like a barn raising...with power tools! You'll have to check out my handiwork in the craft department too...just watch for cant miss it.

And in BIGGER news...we got a call back last month, end of july...and KMPI is OFFICIALLY putting on a haunted not right. We're oficially haunting a VILLAGE. The entire Galloway house and village, in Fond Du Lac, WI, to be exact. I'm not even sure how it happened, but it did just a few weeks ago. The name is pending, but the dates will be every friday and saturday in october, and sundays will be for the children. There are scavenger hunts, prizes, pumpkin carvings courtesy of Tami's Berry Farm (and possibly other donors), candy, costume's a big deal. I've been given a lot of freedom in this (and a decent spending account!) and plan to let me creativity fly! The props are coming along, and the maps and scripting are done. Soon, will come the HARD part...DOING it all. Luckily, I have a full arsenal of volunteers at my disposal.
And the best part? The proceeds are going not only to the Galloway house and village, but to the Solutions Center of Fond du Lac. And they're one of those places that, for what they stand for, holds a special place in my heart. I actually feel really good about what we're doing this year. It's going to be a lot of work and sweat and tears and Mt. Dew (whom is NOT an official sponsor), but we'll get it done!
Website should be done in a couple weeks for the event. I'll letcha know when we get the bugs worked out!

As for the paranormal side of things...we have a small buisness in the works, two private residences to be done sometime in November/December, and an old school up near New London which reportedly has a lot of activity. Next week, we're going to be going to a private property, which has an Indian burial ground and medicine wheel and meditation area in tact, as well as some sort of alter and what not. There is reported to be LOTS of weird sightings and noises from the hill. Outdoor locations can be difficult, so it's a good challenge and training exercise for my team! (And yes, we're bringing good quality tobacco for an offering!) I cant reveal the location of the property, but I will post whatever we find!
In the meanwhile, we checked out Greenville cemetery, and a cemetery over in Elmore, both in the daytime, during open hours, and both with the utmost respect for the memorials. Greenville was imposing at first, but once inside, everything went calm and peaceful. A "ghost hunting app" on a smart phone actually led me, by clues and instructions, to a small cache of money hidden from sight! Still not sure what to make of that!

Other news...KMPI now has an ovilusX, EM Pump, several new cameras and recorders, and several other new tools at our disposal. We're sort of in the testing phase for these, and once we determine if they're good for what we need and learn to correctly use them, we'll be on our way!

Thanks to everyone who showed us support over the last year. We had a slight bump in the road but sometimes, you are given challenges so that you can overcome them and become better because of them. My wife's diligence, my new teams' support and faith, and my rock-hard stubbornness has seen us thru the murky waters and we're back, and better than ever!

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