Monday, February 13, 2012

Renewed Flames of Passion

I'm a self-diagnosed sensitive, an empath of sorts. I have always felt what people are feeling, I get feelings and sensations I cannot see, and I tend to adapt myself to those around me.

Years ago, someone told me that I had lost my passion for the paranormal. That got me thinking...maybe I had. I mean, I had been to some really amazing places and seen really amazing things, but for a few years, it seemed like KMPI got stuck into a rut. No NEW clients, just a few tried and true places we had good relationships with, return visits, etc. We had such good results and a lot of fun, but it didn't seem like there was progress anymore. Like everything we did was just to maintain KMPI, and not grow and expand. And so, maybe I HAD indeed lost my passion. Maybe I was no longer amazed and wowed by everything I experienced, maybe there was no fascination left in it all for me...Or, maybe I just needed something new. A new location, something new, and exciting...something untouched, something to get the blood going again. But my group disagreed with me. They wanted to stay where we were.

The next few months would be filled with the challenges that decision brought me. A lot of heartache and struggles and re-inventing. And now, over a year later, I can finally say that I again feel excited to do investigations, to do evidence review, to just BE a part of it all. But it's not just the group...I think a lotof it was being tied down. I think we got comfortable as a group, and no one wanted to escape that comfort zone. But what is the paranormal without pushing the limits of science and spirituality? I think we, as investigators and hobbyists alike, need to have not only a passion for what we're doing, but also a little bit of insanity to push beyond the normal day to day routines and lives if we are to experience everything there is to experience. Each new piece of equipment we bring in, I find myself more and more intrigued and more and more interested.

In the next few months, we'll be doing more testing with the repaired ovilus, a few tactics, and the new ITC. We'll also get a video ITC unit up and running and hopefully, in the end, we'll have something to report. I already noticed something interesting about the ITC last night, and it's got my head spinning into physics and math that I can barely think anymore!

I don't think I ever lost my ambition and passion....I think maybe it was stifled for a bit by routine and comfort-zones. But it's time, again, for us to push those boundaries and barriers and make KMPI all it is supposed to be. And I think I have the team who's passionate (and crazy) enough to help me get it there!

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