Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hooray for New Beginnings

We're starting to get quite excited about Phantoms of FDL. As it starts to grow around us, we're getting glimpses of how great it can be. Hopefully we can get everything to work out and we can raise money for the FDL Historical Society and the Solutions Center!

We're going to begin the set-up on Monday, Sept. 19th. Each day we're getting new activities together or finding new sponsors. It's quite exciting. Besides the Haunted Village, there will also be Sherman the Friendly Dragon. And on Sundays there will be pumpkin painting, scavenger hunts, things for sale, and other activities in the works. Our website is changing every few days, so be sure to check it out at ALSO, 'like' us on Facebook here. There will be news only shared through social media that you will want to know!

Next week we will be working on interviews for local newspapers about the event. Be sure to keep a lookout on the papers in the FDL area to see if you can spot the articles about Phantoms and KMPI.

Phantoms is keeping us immensely busy, so we've been slow on investigations right now. We know it will pick up again right after Halloween and can't wait to try out some new things.

We apologize for any negativity that had to be witnessed on this blog. We're choosing to put it all in the past where it was before it was dredged back up. We have so many exciting things going on right now that we don't have time for such foolishness.

We will post more news and updates as it becomes available!

P.S. - Michael will be at the screening of season 2 of Paranormal Generation tomorrow night at 7 pm at Brookfield Public Library. It should be fun, so be sure to check it out if you can. If you can't make it, you can always catch episodes online as they are available.

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