Thursday, January 26, 2012

Been a long time, my apologies

Sorry guys, been a crazy few months. Personal lives, being sick, jobs...that's not even into the paranormal! Sometimes we get so swept away just trying to keep up, I forget to update the blog!

Last year ended on a really high note. In December, we finally met and worked out a battle plan. We met our three newest members, Bekki, Dave, and Jenn, and we sat down to do some major brainstorming. As it works out, it payed off! Our first big investigation of the year was at the Old Baraboo Inn. We're STILL reviewing that information (three weeks later) since it was an overnight investigation, and we let the equipment run all night. That's 6 cameras, 6 recorders, and 4 digital cameras, not to mention all the emf and temp readings! Over 16 hours worth! From roughly 6pm until 10am the next day! Over all, it was a success. We ran into a few trip-ups but over all, the team did pretty well and we worked through everything really well.

Our current project is one I started months ago, and has finally come around to being a reality. The Campbellsport Inn, formerly the old Amber Inn of Campbellsport. Rumors are abound of the former owner still haunting the place in a light-hearted way, playing tricks and trying to be noticed. We were given the AMAZING opportunity to test out the trigger object theory with a very personal item of the late "Mush" Bauer himself, and one cannot imagine a better way to test the object unless I had his personal underwear! Mr. Bauer was a legend in his own right, tipping the scales at nearly 800 pounds and being in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the largest bartender and hotel operator in the world! Hundreds of friends, family, and fans came to Campbellsport just to see Mr. Bauer, and we hope hundreds MORE come back to check out the Campbellsport Inn's menu and fine bar! During the month of February, the chair will be there open to the public for viewing. Hopefully the little bit of PR we can bring him will draw attention to his business and kick-start the economy in town a bit! ;)

And up next is...oh, wait! I can't spill that just yet! But it's going to be big, and new, and quite public soon enough! We also have another 4 business investigations pending for a date and a handful of private homes pending as well. Not to mention our usual lineup of annual appearances and events, including the 2012 Phantoms of Fond du Lac! Last year, your support helped us raise OVER $20,000 for the Solutions Center (and there-by kept the homeless shelter open last winter!) and the Fond du Lac Historical Society! he support and funds were much needed and well received throughout the community, and I anticipate this year to be bigger, better, longer, scarier, and just as much fun! We're opening more buildings, have a bigger budget, and a bigger crew already!

I cannot express my thanks to everyone who made last year, and this year, possible for KMPI. From the people who supported me emotionally and believed in my crazy ideas, to the people who gave me the kick in the butt I needed to pour my heart and soul (and what was left of our bank account!) into the event. I personally thank you all.

Look for more from me this year, I'm going to try to update this blog weekly, if not bi-weekly. Hopefully some topic will pop up for me to go on! ;)

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